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Join Girls Ministries clubs everywhere as we partner with BGMC* to make our coins count. Each year we feature one project to help kids around the world. Together we've helped build . . .

• an after school center for girls in Bangladesh
• a scchool for kids in Venezuela
• a multipurpose building for Camp AN in Alaska

These are just a few of the ways we've been able to make a difference for kids.

Together, let's make our coins count! Just bring your offering to your Girls Ministries club leader or donate online.

What is Coins for Kids (CFK)?

Coins for Kids is the missions arm of Girls Ministries. Each year the national Girls Ministries Department, in cooperation with the Assemblies of God World Missions and Home Missions, selects a missions project that specifically affects children. Projects that the Coins for Kids fund has assisted with include the Hagar Home Maternal Center in Romania, the Bolivian Hope Center, establishing a refuge center for children in India, Taste of Freedom project in Belgium, and building cooking centers in South Africa. For more details about these projects and others check out our past projects page.

Girls Ministries partners with the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge—BGMC. The Coins for Kids offering received during the project year and from the Nationwide Girls Ministries Sleepover not only benefits the national missions project but also contributes to BGMC when mailed to the national Girls Ministries Department.

*Churches who give to Coins for Kids through the national Girls Ministries Department will get both BGMC and World Missions giving credit.


What can you do in your church?

Order the Coins for Kids offering boxes and promo cards, and distribute them to your girls. They are free. Contact Gospel Publishing House at 1-855-642-2011 and order as many as you need (Offering Box Item #73-4943, Promo Card Item #73-4933). Encourage your girls and sponsors to fill their boxes with quarters, cash, and checks throughout the year and turn them in to the national Girls Ministries office. Your church will total the money and send a check to the national Girls Ministries Department where you will receive BGMC and World Ministries giving credit for their giving. Please do not send cash through the mail. Checks should be made payable to Coins for Kids.

Coins for Kids projects run from January to December each year. Any contributions that are received after January 1 of each year will be applied toward the next year’s project. Contributions are receipted for the calendar year in which they are received.


Current Coins for Kids Project

Past Coins for Kids Projects

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