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Past Coins for Kids Projects
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2016 Jangdea

2016 Coins For Kids Project Promo

What is Jangdea?
Kids spend a lot time in classrooms, learning so they can discover what they love and move toward a bright future. But what if your classroom had two, three, or even five times as many kids? Overcrowded schools are a huge problem in places like Senegal, a little country in West Africa.

That is where you come in. In 2016, the Coins for Kids project Jangdea is helping to build a brand-new school in Senegal! With this new facility, the kids in that community will have lots of room to learn and grow. Best of all, the Christian teachers at the new school are starting a church. With the new church, the whole community can learn all about Gods love and the amazing future He has for them.

How can you help kids and families in Senegal? Schools built by missionaries can run on their own in a few years. But these schools are expensive to build. When you give to Coins for Kids, the new school gives kids a great education and a place to have church with their families. If we all work together, we can help them to build a bright future!

2015 Uttam's Place

2015 Coins for Kids Project Promo

What is Uttam's Place?
Whatever your dream, you count on your education to help it come true. But what if you didn't have access to the classes you needed? Chances are you wouldn't reach your dreams. In Bangladesh that is how it is for a lot of girls.

That is where we come in. In 2015, Coins for Kids is partnering with Uttam's Place, a wonderful after-school program for girls, located in Bangladesh. Uttam's Place helps girls journey from life in the slums to a much better life as college graduates. Best of all, they learn about God's love and His BIG dream for them.

When you give to this project, offerings will help provide a permanent home for Uttam's Place so they can keep on helping girls. Together, let's give coins to help make their big dreams come true!



2014 China Orphan Care Project

Coins for Kids China

2014 Coins for Kids Project Promo

What is China Orphan Care?
How can we show Jesus' love to orphan babies who live in China? The Infant Care Unit is a place where babies' lives are saved, and wonderful doctors and nurses take care of their special medical needs. But they still need something even more important-love.

That's where we come in. Our 2014 Coins for Kids offerings will provide caregivers for the babies at the Infant Care Unit. The caregivers will hold the babies in their arms, sing to them, and even speak words of blessing over them. With love, the babies thrive! And after a few months, the babies are ready to be placed where every child belongs-into a caring family.

We don't just get to show love to babies. We also get to help the caregivers. Most of these young women come from places where they have never heard of Jesus and how much He loves them. As they care for the babies, other workers will begin to share the story of Jesus with them. Many of these women invite Jesus into their lives. Then when they go back home, they share His love with others.

Make an eternal difference by sharing the love of Jesus with orphans and their caregivers when you give to Coins for Kids in 2014. Just $5 per day provides a loving caregiver for the babies in the Infant Care Unit. Set a goal of how many days, weeks, or months of care you can give.

2013 Hope of Venezuela: Samuel's House

Coins for Kids Venezuela

Amount Raised $206,065.05

2013 CFK Project Video - Hope of Venezuela


Hope Of Venezuela - Samuel's House

"Are you my Daddy?" That was the greeting the big burly construction workers who were part of a U.S. missions team, got from Orlando, the youngest boy in Samuel's House.

Venezuela has been described as the forgotten paradise. It's beauty is impressive. A country rich in natural resources. Yet 87% of the population live below the poverty level. Many find themselves homeless, helpless, and hopeless.

While doing ministry in the streets of Caracas, missionaries Gary and Patty Heiney saw up-close the problem of abandonment with 5,000 children under the age of nine living in the streets. This harsh reality birthed the desire to provide hope and a future for these children.

As with the biblical account of Hannah who dedicated the child Samuel to the Lord, so that he would "grow up in the presence of the Lord," Gary knew the key for breaking the cycle of abandonment and hopelessness would be to raise a new generation in the presence of the Lord.

Samuel's House is the fruition of that God-given dream. When completed, it will have eight homes which will accommodate the parents and up to ten children each.

How Coins For Kids helped
Our 2013 CFK project was to build a school for the children of SH as well as the children in the surrounding community. Because of their background, many of the children that come to SH have learning and emotional disabilities which the local schools are not equipped to handle. The school will offer top notch education and one-on-one interaction from qualified educators who not only love teaching math and science, but also godly biblical principles to those who attend.

2012 The Place of God: Alaska, Camp AN

2012 Coins for Kids Project


Amount Raised $215,276.34

The Coins for Kids total giving for the 2012 project broke the project giving record for the third year in a row! Girls across the US gave $215,276.34 to help build a permanent multi-purpose building at Camp Agaiutim Nune (Camp AN) in Western Alaska. Click here to read the AG News story.


What is Camp AN?
Summer camp is a highlight for almost any elementary school-age kid. Swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and crafts are daily activities. It's a place where new friendships are forged, old friendships are renewed, and - for many - it's the place where Jesus Christ is made real to a life for the first time.

The 2012 Coins For Kids Project was all about kids camp. But not exactly like the camp described above. Imagine a rugged, remote, unique, and full of wilderness camp where the nearest village is 17 miles, the only way to get there is by boat, and the nearest city is 500 miles by air. Daily life is rugged on the banks of the Yukon River where the average daily temperature for camp is 38 degrees and the facilities consist of drafty tents that are in disrepair and all supplies - including fresh drinking water - must be boated to camp.

Welcome to Western Alaska's Camp "Agaiutim Nune" or Camp AN! It began in 1996 and translated from the Yupik Eskimo language it means ... "The Place of God." The girls and boys that attend this camp are primarily from Alaska's Yupik Eskimo tribes and with a rich heritage in their culture - for many of them - it is a safe week away from abuse and depression where for the first time they will learn of the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.
It is a place:
•Where campers become aware of God's marvelous creation
•Where every part of the camp experience gives preeminence to the lordship of Jesus Christ
•Where old lives of the campers are made new through the person of the Holy Spirit
•Where prayer and the Word of God bring the solutions to life's problems and questions

How Coins For Kids helped
Last year we partnered with U.S. missionaries Jim and Linda Schulz and the Yupik Eskimo children of Western Alaska to provide necessary funds to replace the drafty Camp AN tents - which are in disrepair - with a much needed multi-purpose permanent building for the camp which will serve as a kitchen, chapel, and education center. It will be the main hub of all camp activities.

The effects of Assemblies of God camps are felt all over the world. Missionaries, pastors, evangelists, deacons, Sunday School teachers, and church and civic leaders have come from these camps with a call and anointing of the Holy Spirit upon their lives. Won't it be great to know that as we are faithful to give our CFK dollars, on behalf of the Yupik Eskimo young people, we are partnering in their future as their lives are touched emotionally, physically, and most of all spiritually?


2011-12 A Place of Joy: South Africa Cooking Centers

The Place of Joy in South Africa project - not only broke the CFK giving record of $178,270, but crushed it as nearly $20,000 was given the last week to push the total to $201,263!

Imagine 10- and 11-year-olds taking care of younger siblings because their mother is too sick to help. Imagine a place where almost everyone is touched by HIV/AIDS.

This is the case in South Africa.

But the goal for this project was to bring joy to these children - Place of Joy, South Africa.

Missionaries Earl and Laura Goodrich are building Entokozweni Children's Resource Centers in South Africa to help children who are affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. These resource centers are to be the hands of Christ reaching out to hurting children.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink ... I was sick and you looked after me" (Matthew 25:35,36, NIV).

What is an Entokozweni Children's Resource Center?

Each center is a partnership between a local church and the Goodriches. The church commits to provide workers for a and then a cooking center is built and equipped with a refrigerator, stove, cookware, all supplies necessary to provide food for the needy children in their community. The cooking center is a key part of the Children's Resource Center that provides a safe place for children for a hot meal, ministry, tutoring, activities, and if needed, counseling. Most of all it provides an environment where children know that they are loved and valued.


2010-11 Taste of Freedom Project Belgium

Prostitution is legal in Belgium, therefore just as you and I might enjoy window shopping for the latest style of clothing, shoes, and accessories, in Antwerp's Red Light district people are window shopping for something entirely different. The trafficked girls find themselves behind the windows - the object of humiliation and exploitation through prostitution. But there is good news! Missionaries Jerry and April Foster, in cooperation with Save Europe's Children, are bringing hope.

The 2010-11 Coins for Kids Project money will help Jerry and April purchase and remodel a building that will serve as a safe house for rescued women and children. While in the safe house they will be discipled, receive medical care, taught life skills such as sewing, cooking, and jewelry making, and be given opportunities for further education. The goal is to see lives changed through the Word and provide them with skills that will restore dignity. Over $142,000 was raised for this project.


2009-10 Coins for Kids Project

Coins for Kids Project India

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2009-2010 Coins for Kids project. Over $160,000 was raised to assist missionaries Clark and Jennifer Jensen (co-founders of Global Family Care Network) in establishing a refuge center for children in New Dehli, India.



Bolivian Hope Center Coins for Kids Project

2008-09 Project Update

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal for the 2008-2009 Coins for Kids Bolivian Hope Center project! We exceeded the 2007 record. Your offerings will enable missionaries Rich and Sandee Farthing to house children whose mothers are imprisoned, and who would otherwise be on the streets!

Bolivian Hope Center Stories

Bolvian Hope Center Video (mp4)


Touched Romania Coins for Kids Project

2007-08 Project Update

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2007 Coins for Kids project, Touched Romania! With your help, we were able to set a new record for Coins for Kids. $169,872! What a blessing for Raegan Glugosh and the Hagar Maternity Home in Romania!

Touched Romania Ministry Stories

Thank You from Raegan

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